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From task description to final realization

The task of our system is to streamline all of the attempts to know public opinion on any question. Mobility, reference to particular location, quick start, anonymity of users and thought-out authorisation system – what else do you need to meet the challenge?

You just need to be in the heart of events, to have your own opinion, to vote and as an additional precaution to use the voice authorisation. Your opinion won't be unnoticed.

We guarantee precision in all the calculations conducted by the system. Only authorized emploees have access to our servers. Manipulation of polls' results and leakage of personal data is completely impossible on the system-level.

You can easily check on us – just make your choice public. Share it in social networks and spread the information about the poll – so you will be able to guarantee that your voice is not stolen.

More options

Even today you can conduct the polls on any level – from global to local, from 1000 metres radius. Only users who appear to be on the defined location will be able to take part in the poll – others won't see the question.

Moreover, you can adjust borders of conducted polls more accurate – choose particular areas or even regions on the interactive map. To do this, you should order new poll using web interface and algorithm of conducting the poll will be under your complete control.

When you order a poll you can establish conditions and choose quantity of measures needed to fix and to confirm users' choices by yourself, also you can decide how system user would prove himself as real member of society (for example, authorization by SMS or by voice).

Above-noted measures set the safety level and prevent falsification of poll's results, so we can represent and warrant that every system user is a real person.

You can set necessary timers on conducted polls, create series of polls and give additional information about polls' results to every user. Moreover you can conduct the polls only among users who entered their phone numbers before poll's start (voting by personal or corporate phone base).

You can also conduct paid polls – to take part in such poll user would have to give specified quantity of voice points to the author of the question. This is the price for choise. Paid polls have maximum level of choice protection and the most secured authorization method by default.

When you order a poll complete reports with all polls' results are available for you. You can get every needed analytics and intermediate results in real time. You don't need to go anywhere or admit anyone into your house. Universal channel for all participants. It is selective committee in your pocket.

Special features available when you order a poll:

+ You can fix the area boundaries of the poll using the interactive map
+ There are various safety levels for choice confirmation and authorisation
+ You can create paid votings and adjusting polls (series of votings)
+ ou will be able to track detailed results of polls and statistics in real-time mode

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