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General information

We live in 21 century, but make important decisions the same way as our forefathers. It isn't following the tradition, it is disregard of progress.

We introduce VOUTER.ORG - universal system for conducting free (and paid, if necessary) polls and counting of opinions with taking into account location of participants, multiuser mode and opportunity of voice authorisation.

You shouldn't only answer questions, you can ask your question to audience, attached to current location. To be really universal we foresaw different variants of getting to know opinions of people around you about questions that touch you. Share your polls in social networks and make your choice public - it's one more guarantee that no one can take it from you.

Today we offer a decision that can change everything. The more people start using the application, the faster business and government start direct dialog with their audience. The future is in our hands.

VOUTER.ORG - strength of voice, stength of your voice.

Why do you need to register

You need to register before you can take part in polls. Once registered with the system you receive maximum mobility in decision making and, at the same time, unauthorized access protection of personal data.

Practically it means that you can take part in up-to-date votes using any public computer. In the meantime you can vote using our iPad and iPhone application. Multiuser mode allows you to vote anonymous even if you borrow your friend's iPad or iPhone whith installed application.

Only registered users can order polls and use extended functionality.

We strongly recommend that all system members who use our official application pass short registration procedure at the first logging in (nonnecessary condition). For quick password recovery it is necessary to enter e-mail address preliminarily.

Security and privacy

We are not interested in your passport data. You confirm personal opinion about the most important questions with your real voice. Unique procedure of counteraction of driving up the numbers and false responses fixes key phrase that you pronounced in process of registration and uses it further for authentication of particular user.

In the near future we will add opportunity of authorisation by face, including the possibility to confirm user's choice this way.

All data entered by user and personal results of polls can't be given to the third person party without user's consent.

Voice points

Some of the polls in VOUTER.ORG system may request not only voice authorisation but voice points (inside conditional unit) from user to confirm his choise. You can buy necessary quantity of voice points in real-time mode. Cost of paid polls is specified ahead of time and these polls are in special category.

All other polls are completely free and won't require any additional payments from user.

After registration procedure every new users receives 30 bonus voice points.

Multiuser mode (available for iphone only)

VOUTER.ORG system supports using the application with one device by unlimited amount of users. After you installed application on your personal device (iPad or iPone) you can provide an opportunity to vote in polls to your family, neighbours and every person you trust enough to give him your phone.

Multiuser mode supports full anonymity and privacy of every user of system. Information abour poll's results and the list of available polls is accessible personally for every user and even the owner of the device can't get access to the data of guest-user.

Only device's owner can turn multiuser mode on and off.

special features available when you order a poll:

+ you can fix the area boundaries of the poll using the interactive map
+ there are various safety levels for choice confirmation and authorisation
+ you can create paid votings and adjusting polls (series of votings)
+ you will be able to track detailed results of polls and statistics in real-time mode

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